Submit Your Map

Map Submission Process

Please read all plan creation guidelines

Map Submission deadline APRIL 15, 2022

Once you have created a comprehensive map plan you can do the following:

  • Save the plan. If you do not want to save your comprehensive map plan to your local device, the plan is automatically saved and you will receive a link where you can access and edit your plan.
  • Share your plan on the Map Gallery. Once you have shared your comprehensive map plan to the Map Gallery, it will be visible to all who access the Map Gallery on the City’s Redistricting Commission’s website. Note that sharing it to the Map Gallery does NOT mean that the comprehensive map plan has been submitted. You MUST complete the next step to submit it electronically.
  • Submit a plan. When you are ready for the redistricting commission to review your comprehensive map plan, you MUST submit your plan to the following email address:

    Please include the following statement with all your map submissions
    By submitting a Map, I confirm that I have consulted the approved 2021 City of Dallas Redistricting Guidelines before drawing my plan.
    Name (Individual):
    Name (Organization if Applicable):
    Street Address:
    Phone Number:
    City, State and Zip Code:
    Council District (if Applicable):
    E-Mail Address: